EGSnrc C++ class library  Report PIRS-898 (2019)
Iwan Kawrakow, Ernesto Mainegra-Hing, Frederic Tessier, Reid Townson and Blake Walters

Getting started

EGSnrc documentation
Citing EGSnrc

Release notes

Class library for egs++

When writing input files for egs++ applications, you may wish to consult the documentation below.
Common input syntax
Geometry examples
Particle sources

Main library

Applications for egs++

A number of applications based on egs+ are distributed with EGSnrc.
cavity A fully featured application for ion chamber simulations
egs_chamber An application for in-phantom ion chamber simulations
egs_fac Calculates free air chamber (FAC) correction factors
egs_cbct An application for CBCT/CT scanner simulations

egs_kerma An application for volumetric kerma calculations

How to write an egs++ application

Most users will never need to write code to use egs++. However, we provide some examples below to help new developers get started.
Design overview
Developing a simple egs++ application
Developing an advanced egs++ application
Developing a new geometry

Developing a new source